20 Interior Design idea for Small Apartment

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1.Apartment decor using drapes! ►0:33
2.Natural light ►0:53
Noria – Cool Redefined
3.Sofas and Armchairs ►1:14
Nabrusofa man vs sofa

4.Clean your clutter! ►1:41
Kat May:

5.Home decorating ideas using neutral colors ►3:07
6.Fabrics/Rug selections ►3:25
Surya area rugs:

7.Multi-functional furniture ►3:42
VIBIA & People: This is Suite

Bad Concept

8.Mirrors! ►4:02
French Regal Oak Large Mirror FRCO-123L

9.Large pieces of furniture? ►4:24
Venetian Mirrored Large Sideboard

Boconcept – Mezzo sofa

10.Small accessories ►4:47
11.Group together your art pieces ►5:15
12.Mix and match patterns ►5:39
13.Foot traffic ►6:04

14.Storage out in the open ►6:35
White High Gloss Rectangle Coffee Table with Shelf

15.Picking proper “Staple Pieces” ►7:01
Rustic Oak 4 Drawer Storage Coffee Table

16.Light fixtures ►7:28
Xuclà by VIBIA: Geometry and Light
DIY Project – Beer Bottle Pipe Lamp

17.Vertical storage ►7:45
360 Shelf rotating multiuse shelf
18.Don’t block any lighting opportunities ►8:20
Anne of Green Gables House for Sale
19.Use some plants! ►8:54

How to make succulent plant, a do it yourself video:

20.Kitchen cabinet knobs ►12:34
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