Heavy Freight || The Pilot Episode – “Interior Design”

Heavy Freight || The Pilot Episode ‘Interior Design’

Meet the engines of Warrborough Shed as they try to deal with Maxwell the 7200’s new hobby in this Pilot Episode of ‘Heavy Freight’


Andy Stovold as Maxwell, Royal Military Police #2 and The French Engine
James Littlewood as Flanders and Royal Military Police #1
Matt Parmenter as Matthew
Trevor Palcyznski as Lima
BSM Iron Lawl as Ryan and Lawl

Written and Directed by Andy Stovold

With inspiration and guidance from James Littlewood and BSM Iron Lawl

Musical Ditties by SudrianAfro: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThomasPercy99

Other music belongs to its respective owners.


Heavy Freight is a light-hearted series, made as an antidote to the more serious Stovell Valley Railway Series. It follows a group of Heavy Freight locomotives (and Ryan), led by Max the 7200, in their adventures during the late 50s. They bump into some well know characters from the 110th Platoon and chaos descends. 7236 ‘Max’ was rebuilt in the 1930s from a 5205 No 5255, during the 50s he was placed in charge of his younger cousin, a 5205 numbered 5255. Matt is Max’s younger cousin. He looks up to Max but ironically seems to have to look after Max and is forever explaining his wild antics and doesn’t seem to approve, most of the time. He does seem to want to prove himself to Max though, as he carries the same number that Max did before he was converted from a 5202 to a 7200. The cousins are never usually far apart. They are joined by the only S160 on BR’s books No. 95858 ‘Lima’. He helped the Allied effort on the western front during the Second World War and was brought back with the efforts of his crew at the time. In an attempt to make his way home to America he somehow found himself in Devon after buying a dodgy package holiday from Longmoor’s Engine Rehabilitation Centre. He made an unholy alliance with a Churchward Mogul by the name of Flanders whom having also fought for the allies in a war had found stuff to talk to the large American about. Lima is a fierce friend to all the engines but isn’t above taking the mickey. Flanders is pretty much a crackpot but the other engines tolerate him for his unusual gift of getting out of work. His unusual gift can be explained in the shape of a 4575 called Ryan. He had been added to the Heavy Freight pool. His accidental addition had not been remedied and he found himself hauling some of the longest and heaviest services in the West Country, thanks to Flanders’ efforts, of course.

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The game is Train Simulator 2017, made by Dovetail Games (formally RSC/Railsimulator.com)