How to Stay Motivated in Urdu Hindi | Inspirational Motivational Life Lesson Videos | Shahan Babar

How to Stay Motivated in Urdu Hindi | Inspirational Motivational Life Lesson Videos | Shahan Babar

People use to ask that after setting goals and targets how can we stick to that goal and stay motivated or how can i be motivated? Sometime people target to join gym and loose the weight but they loose their motivation instead of weight. They use to start getting it delayed due to favorable weather condition or environmental situation etc.

I’ve shared few tips to stay motivated and tips are very simple;

1) Writing Goals:

Write your goals and targets, place them somewhere and review on daily basis. It is a common tips to stay motivated. By doing this you will really stay focused and never ask people that how to stay motivated?

2) Telling your goals someone in opposition:

There are many people in everyone’s family, friends, university, colleagues who use to pin point, use to tease, who can not see anyone succeed. Just tell them your goals and targets. You may forget but they will not forget and won’t let you forget. It will be a motivation for you to achieve your target by hooks and crooks.

3) Imagine yourself after achieving the goals and targets:

One should imagine him or herself that after achieving those goals and targets, what would be life style, how the circumstances would be? how would life go on? we have taken an example of gym. One should imagine himself as a good muscular man and feel good. It may keep you motivated.

I hope you would find this video useful and helpful.

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