🎃Halloween 2020👻 | Decorate With Me! | Spooky Outdoor Decor Ideas | #ChezTiffanie #Halloween2020

HEEEEYYYY guys! Welcome back for another video! Today, I am so excited to be sharing with you my outdoor decorations for Halloween 2020! We really went all out this year and so far, we are the house that everyone wants to take a picture with! ☺️Please check out my Halloween Haul (linked down below) if your curious where I got things from. I have a few DIY videos coming featuring some of the decorations I used as well as a few new ones so please stay tuned! I really enjoyed making this video for you guys, I really hope you enjoy, it took two days to film since there was so many decorations! 😱


Halloween Haul:

Halloween 2020 Playlist:

Halloween DIY’s:

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