2016 Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Here is a look at the 2016 outdoor decoration set up. I added a few new wrinkles to the mix for this year. I added a few custom projections, including the new Alien Prisoner video loop. (see below for ordering info) Also added two new loops from AtmosFX. Outside I added two new hanging clowns that were used in the big top room of last year’s party. Also added more lighting including two swirling ghost spotlights. All were cool additions to this year’s set up. Enjoy!!!

Thinking of adding multimedia decorations to your party or haunt this year? If so check out:


All you need to get started is a DVD or thumb drive, dvd or media player, and a TV.

There are four new series to choose from this year:

Area 51 Interactive Welcome Series

Alien Prisoner

Emergency Broadcast Message series

ICU Monitor Series