2018 Halloween Decorations | The Home Depot

Deliver the fright this Halloween night with The Home Depot’s exclusive new collection of Halloween decorations. Shop all indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations in this video: https://thd.co/2xTh9Cs

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Learn more tips and tricks to help you set the scene this year with our Halloween playlist: https://thd.co/2xUiMzV

– Headless Horseman: https://thd.co/2OTgXuq
– Fur Werewolf: https://thd.co/2xSUjLk
– KD Zombie: https://thd.co/2xRJyZC
– Wind Dragon: https://thd.co/2NGYwwu
– Grim Reaper: https://thd.co/2xQQuX6
– Zombie Horse: https://thd.co/2Q8Tkhk
– Animated Skeleton: https://thd.co/2IjtcxI
– Skeleton Cat: https://thd.co/2O88k1Z
– Victorian Couple: https://thd.co/2zx3va2
– Animated Witch: https://thd.co/2xC3xMA

Transform your home with Halloween yard decorations including giant spiders, creepy skeletons and other fun Halloween Inflatables: https://thd.co/2xE6AEc

Create your own haunted house theme with giant werewolves, fire-breathing dragons and more scary Halloween decorations: https://thd.co/2DzejZm

From creepy monsters to zombie horses, find spooky outdoor Halloween decorations to terrify your guests and trick-or-treaters before they even enter your home: https://thd.co/2Dyi55o

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2018 Halloween Decorations at The Home Depot