3 DIY Halloween Decorations from the Dollar Tree [CHEAP, QUICK AND EASY.] | Mila B

Hey guys,

If you are an OG of my channel then you know I love making DIY crafts! Crafting is one of my FAVORITE things to do! Its October which means Halloween is approaching. I dont know about you but I am SO on a budget! I bought all my supplies from the Dollar Tree! If you do not shop there, then you need too because believe it or not, the dollar tree has the best finds!
Time Stamps for each craft:
Balloon Ghost : 00:54
Halloween Cups: 04:47
Spider Bowls: 06:27
The supplies you will need are:
White Balloons
White Streamers
Black Sharpie
Clear Cups
Straws (optional)
Black Bowls
Googley Eyes
Pipe Cleaners
*All these supplies are a $1 at the Dollar Tree!
These 3 projects were quick, easy and of course cheap! There was no mess which makes it great for kids to make as well! Each craft, I was able to get creative and it took no more than 7 minutes on each one. I am looking forward to Halloween and I can not wait for my party with my awesome DIY decorations!

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