3 Halloween Props DIY 2020

This video is to show you how I made some of my Halloween props for this year “2020”. If you need any more information on all or 1 of them, please just comment below.
I’m not going into all the details here since the video explains it. But I will try to recap on somethings to help you out.

But the first one…I will start off with the Tombstone’s, I purchased the 4 different styles you see me painting from Dollar Tree.

You will need 2 of each tombstone and glue them together using gorilla glue and hot glue. Make sure to sand off the one that has purple glitter. That stuff was heck to cover!

You’re also going to need something to use as stakes for getting your tombstone’s to stay in the ground and stand. I used some wooden garden stakes that were cut in half.
Here is the link from Amazon

30 Pack 23″ Wood Stakes for Garden or Sign Posting https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CNIYVGG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_aCZFFbE3M38WK

Make sure you paint them so they will last longer.

Next will talk about the fire pit….
You will need some Great Stuff, no really that’s what it’s called Great Stuff, get the red can not the blue can . It’s kinda messy so spray it outside. But first lay your lights in a circle and place a plastic container in the center, this just helps you build it up. Make sure you leave your plug end out so you will have a way to plug it up.

Next the Cauldron….. I used a 16” cauldron from Party City….


Painted it with the Dry Lok ,then gray primer, then I lightly sprayed it with flat black to you could still see some of the gray through it. I glued an old movie theater popcorn bucket inside, so my gray tub “ from Dollar Tree” could set on top of it. Just wrap your gray tub or whatever you use with a black trash bag. Set it in and tape the edges down with black Gorilla duct tape. This keeps your fog from going down in the bottom of your cauldron. Next we built a tripod out of sticks from my yard and wrapped them with jute twine from Dollar Tree. Before I tied it off I ran the twine through the links of the chain and then tied it off. Fill the tub with water and put in your atomizer’s “ I used 2” that I bought in EBay. Sorry there is no link for EBay but I paid about $10 each for the atomizer’s and the have color changing lights on them.

Music provided by Video Show

I hope you enjoy this video and hope it helps you to create some awesome Halloween props.

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