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30 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are Wickedly Creative

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When people think of Halloween they don’t really think of creating their own decorations, they think of candy and costumes.

With these DIYs, you won’t have to go to the store and buy expensive decorations. You can make them all yourself!

Here are 30 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are Wickedly Creative:

1. Ribbon Bats
These ribbon bats are extremely easy to make. All you need is black ribbon and white acrylic paint. That’s it! Try placing them in a small bush or tree in large groups. They may not seem like much but little decorations like these can really tie things together.

2. Directional Sign Post
This directional signpost is a great staple piece for your front yard. You can add different items to it to make it more creative like crows, pumpkins, ghosts, bats, etc. On the signs you can come up with your own creepy location names or you can add your favorite Halloween quote.

3. Bubbling Witches Cauldron
Are you looking for a way to wow your guests at your Halloween party? This witches cauldron will do just that. It adds a spooky vibe because it makes your punch come to life!

4. Candy Corn Garland
This garland is very different than most Halloween garland but it’s still very cool. It will definitely add a pop of color to any room you put it in. To create this all you need is candy corn and fishing line. Easy, right?

5. Candy Door Hanger
Are you going to be away when trick or treaters come? No worries, this candy door hanger will still allow you to pass out candy. Additionally, you can make one for the inside of your house so you can treat yourself every now and then.

6. Halloween Pillow
These pillows will be a great addition to your living room, they’re not over the top. They have just enough spookiness to them!

7. Skull Candle Holder

These skull candle holders are great because they are elegant looking and spooky. These holders will allow the candles to give off just enough light where you can see but it’s still spooky. You can place these almost anywhere too, like a mantel or table.

8. Candle Lantern
The dress it up with cobwebs, spiders, ribbon, etc. when Halloween comes around. When Halloween passes you can remove the items and use the lantern as normal.

9. Tissue Paper Ghosts
These tissue paper ghosts look incredible. They’re probably one of the more realistic looking decorations. They’re made from construction paper, tissue paper, and cheesecloth.

10. Wood Pumpkins
These wood pumpkins look different than most pumpkin decorations, but that’s what makes them great!

11. Ghostly Mirror
This creepy ghostly mirror will definitely both amaze and freak out any of your guests. This figure is made from frosted window film. You create the figure by drawing it onto frosted window film, then you cut it out, and apply the film to the mirror.

12. Bloody Candles
These bloody candles can be created in five minutes with red wax and black carpet tacks. They are a great accent piece for buffet tables and mantles.

13. Candy Corn Pots
These candy corn pots can be used as flower pots or they can be filled with goodies and given as gifts. You can create these with white, yellow, and orange acrylic paint.

14. Eyeball Decorations
Another easy DIY is these eyeball decorations. You can create these with two beach balls and a sharpie.

15. Chalkboard Tombstones
You can easily build your own tombstones for under twenty dollars. All you need is a saw, plywood, and chalkboard paint. The best part about these tombstones is you can write anything you want!

16. Candy Corn Halloween Vases
These candy corn themed vases are very modern looking. All you need to make these are tall glass vases, clear, orange, and yellow water beads, and black adhesive vinyl. These would look great on top of a mantle.

17. Monster Door
Dress your door up with faces made out of googly eyes and felt. This DIY is so simple but it really adds detail and the kids will love it!

18. Creepy Ceramic Owl
Easily create a creepy owl with a ceramic owl from the hardware store. All you need to do it spray paint the whole thing black and paint little red eyes.

19. Jack-o’-Lantern Topiary

20. Black Paper Flowers

21. Black Wreath

22. Skull String Art

23. Halloween Lights

24. Halloween Garlands

25. Spiderweb Tablecloth

26. Bat Centerpiece

27. “Eek” Sign

28. Crow Wreath

29. Hanging Cages

30. Ghost Windsocks

We hope these DIYs help inspire you to start creating some amazing decorations.

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