Building the Gate from Stranger Things DIY Halloween Decorations

Stranger Things got so popular over the last years that we couldn´t resist to dedicate this years Halloween 2019 Special to this Netflix original series.

Pol Biwer from “Vianden Galactic Spaceyards”, prop builder for over 30 years shows his ideas of building a “gate” to the Upside Down”.
This build can be adapted to almost every size, Pol´s build reaches 23 feet (arround 7 meters), large enough for a whole herd of Demogorgons !
He uses common things you can find around the house or buy at your local store. Main ingredients are foam boards, cable conduit, spraypaints and simple clean wrap “stuff you wrap your cheese in” how Pol describes it. He shows multiple techniques how to archive the “realistic” look.
Buildtime lies between 6 hours to two days depending on size and detailing.
The whole build is cheap to make, the LED strip probably is the most costly point. The one Pol uses in the video is a Govee Alexa Wifi LED strip from Amazon for arround 26 bucks.
Pol‘s evergreen advice: Before you are heading out to the store, „look what you have lying around”.

Build complexity from 1 – 10 is 4

I hope you enjoy the video, please leave a comment below or send us pictures of your builds and ideas on Facebook or Instagram.

Short UPDATE: We offered the Stranger Things Gate to a local bar (The Smugglers Inn near Diekirch Luxembourg, Europe). Pol and I helped to install it next to the entrance in exchange for some beers and a burger. Check on my Instagram for updates. 😉

Heating plastics, spraypaint or other materials shown generate highly toxic fumes!
Do not do this indoors, Pol knows exactly what he is doin!
When using spraypaints or other aerosols, always wear a breathing mask and do this in well ventilated rooms or the outdoors.
We are not responsable for burns or accidents of any kind!

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