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We see tons of sweet Halloween decorations and get ideas as we visit several Halloween yard displays, Halloween home haunts, & Halloween walkthrough mazes. It is the baby’s first Halloween and since we couldn’t finish our own Halloween yard haunt in time we decided to go trick or treating and see lots of other fellow haunters props and decor and admire all their hard work blood sweat and tears. Join us as we go on this spooky adventure getting scary inspiration and ideas and using our baby as a shield against all the jumpscares and loud noises.

First we take baby to to his first trip to Disneyland and look at all the festive Halloween and fall decor and of course ride a few rides. On Halloween day we take the family trick or treating on one of the most craziest Halloween decorated streets where almost every house participates in the spooky holiday. It is truly a trick or treaters paradise. Next we hit up Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Halloween yard display home to a ton of tombstones and gravestone halloween props. The Halloween cemetery is crawling with spooky Halloween props moving and crawling to get us at every corner. Up next is a home haut Halloween walkthrough maze called Beware The Dark Realm which ended up being to dark to film but I included a link to last years walk through. After the scary castle themed haunt we hit up Murder House Productions to see their Trick ‘R Treat themed Halloween walk through maze which also ended up being to dark to film. Last we visited Rotten Apple 907 home haunt which presented “The Portal” to do a lights tour and walk through their Halloween maze. It is a very close look at some of the behind the scenes of some really great Halloween prop ideas. They completely modify a Home Depot horse skeleton prop by corpsing and making it animated with pneumatics. There really is so much to see and if you love Halloween then you may like this video. Be warned though there is a little of our cute baby along with quite a bit of baby voice talking its kinda scary in it self. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to click like and subscribe for more upcoming videos in the future.

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Haunted Mine Shaft – Ghost Mine Halloween Walk Through

Halloween Walkthrough Maze – Twisted Fairy Tale Theme Home Haunt

Halloween Haunted Castle Walkthrough Maze – Spooky Halloween Cemetery Yard Display

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Fun Day Of Halloween Decorations, Yard Displays, & Walkthrough Mazes