Disneyland’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Inspired Halloween Yard Display | Pirate Decoration Ideas

Here is a great Disneyland decor inspired Halloween pirate home haunt. The Halloween decorations are themed after Disneyland’s pirate dark ride. We visit a Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride inspired Halloween Yard display at Pro’s Pirates of the Caribbean then check out Mourning Rose Manor Home Haunt display for 2015 The Haunted Harvest complete with Halloween Trees and laser vortex fog props. After that we stop by a Halloween home haunt with a Dark Ride built in front of the house called Harry’s Haunted Tours this year the ride is called House of Mary in Simi Valley California. We end the night with stopping by a Halloween Party to check out a Disneyland Haunted Mansion inspired Home Haunt Display at Blue stocking Farm. It was a busy day and we tried to get as much footage as we could some of it was dark but we tried our best to edit as much out as we could. We hope sharing others hard work and decorations will help inspire and give others some great ideas.

Pirate Display by
“Pro Haunter” on Facebook

Mourning Rose Manor

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