DIY Cemetery Lanterns – LED Flame Lights Tutorial – Halloween Project 2021

Elevate the ambience of your home haunt, graveyard, or Halloween display with these DIY cemetery lanterns! It only takes a few materials and an afternoon to create these durable, realistic flame lights. In this tutorial, we walk you through creating these step by step with in depth explanations, pro tips, painting techniques and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, learn some things, and think of ways to make these your own!


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Spirit Halloween Mini-hanging Flame Light (other options on Amazon)

Grecian Urn Planter, Black 12 Inch

Dowels we got From Michaels

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0:00 Intro
0:41 Overview
1:19 Materials And Tools
2:11 Dowel Placement
3:21 Drill Dowel Holes
4:20 Drainage Holes
5:08 Electrical Plug Run
5:36 Light Support Stabilization Overview
6:19 Drill Stabliziation Holes
6:54 Base Assembly
8:04 Top Assembly
8:30 Cut Dowels
9:06 Lantern Assembly Overview
9:38 Lantern Body Assembly, Dowels, Leveling
11:17 Glue Assembled Lantern
12:00 Paint Overview
12:36 Patina Effect Explanation
13:24 Paint Bronze Coat with Patina Effect
14:10 Dry Brush How To
14:53 Fire Light Installation
16:30 Demo
17:28 Conclusion
18:40 Mounting Options