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We’re back with more easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas. This time making fun Halloween lighting with a LED ball outdoor light from Loftek. We use this LED light to create some scary Halloween decor for the outdoors and indoors of our home haunt and Halloween display. For this video we are using an 8″ LED light ball from Loftek along with a few other spookables & things we had laying around our haunted house to make Halloween props and decorations. These lights would also be perfect for Halloween party decorations or pool parties. We quickly go over the Led light options and contents and put it to the test to see if in fact you can use it for something spooky for halloween. Some of the scary halloween craft ideas include a creepy giant spider egg sack using dollar store cobwebs, a couple pumpkin jack-o-lantern options. Option one applying vinyl stickers to the light ball to make a glowing pumpkin light. The second option is cutting a funkin pumpkin in half, or a real pumpkin if you wanted, and placing the Loftek sphere light inside so the carved face glows. We also place the light in a graveyard scene with tombstones and an old creepy flower pot with several grown over vines. Another Halloween prop idea is to wrap the LED light ball with creepy cloth and make it into a floating ghost. The Loftek dome could also be used as a light on top of some Halloween columns and fence props. I think our favorite way to use our new awesome light is a LED light up pool decoration or hot tub toy floaty for Harrison to play with. The Loftek LED light ball would also make a great Christmas decoration as well. We had a ton of fun making this video and we would like to thank Loftek for sending us a product to review and play around with. We hope you enjoyed and got some decorating ideas and inspirations. Be sure to check out some of our other lighting videos for Halloween displays and haunted houses. We thank you for watching and we will see you next time.

Lofttek Halloween Lighting Ideas

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