DIY Halloween Decorations – Halloween Attraction – Rosehill Home Haunt Walkthrough Tour

Here’s more DIY Halloween decorations and DIY prop ideas from a Rosehill home haunt walkthrough tour of a Halloween attraction and yard display full of DIY Halloween decoration ideas. This family friendly home haunt haunted house walkthrough area is packed full of everything you’d expect to find in a spooky Halloween attraction themed area. Ben has created a Halloween cemetery yard display full of fun DIY Halloween tombstones, skeleton props, hand painted backdrops, DIY lighting. He has also created several different themed areas with fun little details to look at. From animatronic skeletons playing instruments, glowing fountains, lighting effects, pumpkins singing, scarecrows, crypts, spooky trees, and headless horseman. I love haunts like these because there is just so much to see and get inspiration from. We really enjoyed seeing everything up close and getting the backstory to all of Ben’s haunted creations. We appreciate his time showing us around and look forward to what awesome things he will bring in the future.

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Black Light UV Light Effect | DJ Lighting LED Black Light Bar | Halloween Decoration & Party Lights

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DIY Halloween Decorations | Rosehill Haunt Halloween Display