DIY Halloween Decorations – Halloween Display Ideas – Haunted House Walkthrough Tour

DIY Halloween Decorations – Halloween Display Ideas – Haunted House Walkthrough Tour Get DIY Halloween prop ideas in this Halloween graveyard display and Haunted house walkthrough by Hollywood Haunter. This home haunt is a haunted house maze complete with a haunted cemetery yard display, Halloween graveyard decorations, and mausoleums. This video will give you an up close look and daytime walk through of our holiday display home haunt in our front yard for Halloween. Each year crazy, huge, and extravagant Halloween home and yard haunts, displays, and decorations seem to be popping up and are a growing popular trend from year to year. When designing our yard display and decorations we tried to come up with a design and go all out with one main goal in mind, make our house go away and transform our space into a complete themed attraction area! We covered it with maze walls, mausoleum facades, home made camo netting and as many trees and sticks we could round up. We constructed everything you see in the yard form painting, woodworking, foam carving, led lighting, pneumatic and motorized props, special effects and sound, music, and the production of our video. Many of the prop ideas were inspired by other ideas and inspirations we saw from others along with some of ideas of our own. Attempting to pay close attention to every detail we really wanted to create a themed attraction scene and atmosphere so that when you walked or drove by you would feel like you are looking at the real thing or scene from a movie set or story book. We tried to really give the viewer something to talk about. We incorporated some animated moving props all DIY and home made which were activated by sound or motion. Props and scenes would light up and come to life to scare the innocent. It was the best Halloween we have had yet and we really had fun fabricating it together. Are hopes are to inspire the future and existing home haunter or decorator of any Holiday whether it be for their private house or parties and public places like restaurants, bars, camps, place of business, and other kids attractions.

You will see the DIY Halloween props like a skull mausoleum, graveyard mausoleum, haunted house walkthrough, crypt walls for a maze, pneumatic hangman prop and rattling crypt, motorized props, foam dummies, coffin poppers, toe pincher coffins, wood and foam tombstones, gravestones, headstones, columns, pillars, and fence arch entrance, pet cemetery, pillars, sparky grave, fake trees with stands, tree branches, murder of crows, skeletons, ax lady hanging up side down, motion controlled props, manual control box, motorized kicking legs, motorized breathing grave, LED RGB lighting with dimming control, realistic foam crypt coffin, skulls filled catacombs and wall of skulls with bones, man eating plants, urns, PVC candles, corpses with LED eyes, fog machines, spider room, motorized rat box prop, pneumatic ankle tickler air blast prop, pneumatic air cannon, mirror room with swinging skeletons, ground breaker, Halloween fence with stanchions, abandoned and grown over, boarded up windows, black lights and glow paint, thunder and music sound system, rusty old converted gas lanterns, old cracked and broken urns with weeds, pumpkin patch, motorized head turning prop, spider web hallway, ornamental scrolls, rosettes, double gallows prop, peek a boo prop or tombstone popper, glow in the dark coffin, burlap maze walls, burlap netting, camouflage netting, spider area, glow in the dark, black light, mirror room, strobe, flicker lights,
Motorized Pop ups

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DIY Halloween Decorations – Halloween Display Ideas – Haunted House Walkthrough Tour