DIY Halloween Decorations – Halloween Display Walkthrough Tour – Haunt With No Name

We visit Haunt With No Name celtic druid themed home haunt to get a Halloween display walkthrough tour to get some of the best diy Halloween decorations ideas and diy Halloween prop inspirations around. They have so many great classic Halloween decor examples like diy static witch props using PVC, foam heads, cheesecloth, and cheap masks. They use easy diy animated items, floating candles, old box fans, spooky monster mud statues, reapers, and burlap trees, and several hand carved Halloween foam tombstone props. They made an awesome Halloween graveyard with a homemade PVC Halloween fence with finial toppers plywood and styrofoam missing bricks. The fence comes with several pillars and columns. They have several gargoyles with red LED lighting, flickers rusty old lanterns, melted glue stick PVC candles. They have a great attention to detail using the environment and incorporating natural items like shrubbery, leaves, tree branches and greenery. Their simple motorized prop setups like the axworthy ghost, breathing grave, moving lid tomb, turning heads are so much fun to see move. They also have incorporated fog effects, diy flickering Halloween lighting, and light shows. This is a must visit home haunt for us every Halloween season. It’s the perfect ambience and setting to give us the nostalgic feeling of why we fell in love with haunting in the first place many years ago. Thanks again Julie & Stacy for the tour and sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.

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DIY Halloween props – HAUNT WITH NO NAME! Halloween Display Walkthrough/Tour