DIY Halloween Props 💀 Graveyard Tombstones made from Foam

Jaimie and Jay make realistic DIY Halloween Tombstones out of foam!



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Halloween is almost here!! 🎃 We make lots of DIY Halloween Props, decorations, and fun stuff this time of year and these foam Halloween Tombstones are the newest thing we’ve added to our DIY Halloween décor.

DIY Halloween Tombstones are CLASSIC! They’re one of the most fun and popular DIY halloween props and there are so many fun ways to make them. This is our first time making tombstones from insulation foam and going through the whole process of texturing and engraving them and we had a blast.

If you’d like to make your very own DIY halloween tombstones for your halloween graveyard, this video will get you a long ways towards being inspired to making your own at home.

2″ Insulation Foam Board
Acrylic Paints (Black, White, Brown, Green, Etc.) –
Gorilla Glue –
Drylock Masonry Sealer (Gray, if you can find it.) –

Utility Knife –
Heat Gun –
Paint Brushes –
Surform Tool –
Rotary Tool –
Sharpie/Marker –
Spray Bottle –

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