DIY Halloween Props – Clock from Nightmare Before Christmas

Jaimie and Jay make the awesome Halloween Countdown Clock from The Nightmare Before Christmas!


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One of our favorite films is Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” which is a perfect blend of spooky Halloween and Christmas spirit. In Halloween Town, they have this great countdown clock which counts down the days until Halloween. What a perfect Halloween DIY project!

In addition to showing how easy this DIY Halloween prop is to make, we’ve created plans and templates so that you can follow along with the build, whether you’re using cardboard, foam, wood, or whatever, you should be able to grab the plans and make your own! If you’re looking for a fun weekend project to upgrade your Halloween (or Christmas!) decorations, this DIY project will be a lot of fun.

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1/8″ Plywood / Cardboard / Foamcore / Balsa / Whatever
2″ Wooden Cubes –
Wood Glue –
Hot Glue –
Black Spray Paint –
Gray Spray Paint –
Black Acrylic Paint –
White Acrylic Paint –
Red Acrylic Paint –
Adhesive Flat Pearls –

Utility Knife –
Xacto Knife –
Small Paint Brushes –
Chip Brush –
X-Carve – (Not Required)