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We visit “The Farm” haunted house walkthrough home haunt located in Glendale Ca. and get a behind the scenes tour of their scary Halloween walkthrough maze for 2018. This homemade haunted attraction “show and tell” is an informative inspiration for home haunters or future haunters looking for Halloween decoration ideas. If you are interested in making a diy haunted house or homemade halloween decorations this home haunt video is sure to show some new tips and tricks. This year’s Halloween walkthrough is called “The Farm” which takes place in an old haunted barn and farmhouse and it looks nice and kid friendly on the outside but on the inside its filled with horror and gore! This video may give you some spoilers but we tried to still leave most of the story details for you to enjoy if you experience the haunt for yourself. This video mainly focuses on the design and fabrication process for all the scenic art, props and set dressing, as well as special effects. You will learn the haunted house layout design and some easy to do diy tricks to fill each space. We even learned some great haunted house ideas if you are on a budget. Learn different ways to scare and create multiple scare zones. See immersive rooms that have sensory overload with smells and objects completely surrounding you. The haunt is filled with unique elements that include, body parts,corpses, vintage halloween decorations, animal parts, tons of great halloween props, an assortment of themed maze walls, pneumatic and motorized moving props, and creepy haunted farm environments. Street parking is free. We would like to thank Tim and Leo for their hospitality and time and for being so willing to share their experience and opinions with all of us. They are great examples of people that have a real passion for this hobby and are willing to help others and inspire. It was a pleasure visiting and we look forward to what spooky creations they come up with next. Please go subscribe to their channel and check out their social media. Be sure and say hi for us.

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The Farm | Haunted House Walkthrough | Lights On Tour | Home Haunt 2018