DIY Halloween Props – Making Disneyland’s “Fireflies” Effect!

Jaimie and Jay recreate the incredibly awesome “Fireflies” effect from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land!


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The Halloween preseason is here! This time of year we make lots DIY Halloween props, decorations, and awesome stuff and these DIY Fireflies from Disneyland are the newest thing we’ve added to our DIY Halloween decor!

The imagineers at Disneyland are famous for creating some amazing special effects and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is one of the most classic of all! In the beginning of the ride as you go through the swamp, there are fireflies dancing in the trees. It’s one of the most classic effects in the park and we wanted to create a simple, cheap, DIY version that anyone can do.

These Halloween props are very easy to make and require zero expensive tools. You can definitely follow along at home and make this with some basic materials (see links below). If you’re looking for a fun weekend project to upgrade your Halloween decorations, this DIY project is perfect.

The history of the Disneyland Fireflies is really interesting and a great story! They were originally created by a designer named Tim Carter. Here is Tim’s story:

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