DIY Halloween Props – Mason Jar Hanging Lights (Solar Powered!)

Jaimie and Jay make DIY solar-powered Halloween lights! Learn how easy it is to make homemade solar Halloween lights that are affordable, stylish, and will last for years and years. These DIY Halloween props costs about $7 to make if you use the same materials we did.


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Every year we do a huge Halloween haunt setup in our yard. We have a big fenced in graveyard, lots of ghosts and skeletons, and a lot of other DIY Halloween props that we’ve made throughout the years. Last year we made these really neat hanging Halloween lights that are solar-powered and made from mason jars and this spooky Halloween fabric that is dyed and cut to look like Spanish moss. They have a great organic, kind of “swamp” feel to them which goes perfectly with our New Orleans theme. Since the Halloween lanterns were such a hit last year, we made a few more this season (with a couple of upgrades) and this video shows you how to do it!

We’re new to making videos so we’d love to hear your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of the build! Want to see us make something? Let us know below!

• 32oz. Mason Jar –
• Solar Pathway Light –
• Halloween Fabric –
• Twine –
• Fabric Dye –
• Acrylic Paint –
• Glue
• Dirt
• Water
• Paper Towels
• Orange/flickering LED (Optional)

• Hot Glue Gun –
• Scissors –
• Soldering Iron (Optional) –
• Screwdriver (Optional) –
• Paint Brush
• Tooth Brush

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