DIY Halloween Props – PUMKIN JACK’S! Michael Myers HALLOWEEN Haunted House Walkthrough Tour

We tour Pumkin Jack’s Halloween Movie (Michael Myers) themed haunted house walkthrough home haunt. See their DIY Halloween props and get some tips, ideas, and inspirations on how to make DIY Halloween decorations and a haunted house walkthrough experience for Halloween. This up close look day time walkthrough of Pumkin Jack’s reveals the inner workings of how they set up their haunt. Learn some insider haunter tips and tricks for designing and setting up a Halloween haunted house attraction. See how they built their haunt wall panels, Halloween Michael Myers House entrance facade, transition hallways, Halloween props and Halloween decorations, painting techniques, lighting effects, sound system areas, scare zones, scare actor backstage areas, black light areas, and fake murder scenes. These guys are so much fun and we’d like to thank them and their family, friends, and their spooky Halloween neighborhood for all the awesome work and for taking the time to show us around their haunt. We really enjoyed their company and hospitality. Please go check out their handy work if you can during the Halloween season. Also be sure to go check out their Youtube Channel and subscribe. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.

Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House Youtube Channel

Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House 2017

Music by: – Pumpkin Hour – Giant Wyrm & Marty Gots a Plan

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Halloween: Michael Myers Themed Haunted House Walkthrough Maze | Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House Tour