DIY Halloween Skull Candle Props (Super easy to make!)

Jaimie and Jay turn some basic plastic skulls into these realistic-looking Halloween props! As usual, it starts off a little rough but ends up coming together into something great in the end.


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As y’all know, Halloween is the Wicked Makers holiday! We make lots of props, decorations, and awesome stuff this time of year and our new Skull Candle Holder props are the newest thing we’ve added to our Halloween decor.

These props are SUPER easy to make. Seriously. YOU CAN MAKE THESE! All you need is a plastic skull, some candles, and some heat to melt the candles. Don’t have a heat gun? Use another candle! (It works, just takes a little longer.)

When you make these, send us some pictures!!

Plastic Skull –
Superglue –
Candles –
Dark Wood Stain –
Nitrile/Latex Gloves –

Heat Gun (Or any source of heat) –