DIY How to build a UFO Spaceship Alien Halloween Outdoor Decoration

This tutorial shows you how to build an outdoor spaceship UFO for a Halloween alien lawn decoration. All items can be purchased in hardware stores like Home Depot and I have included links to some of the items used in the making of the spaceship.

Supplies needed:
8 – 24″ long PVC pipes (1 inch diameter pipe)
16 – 12″ long PVC pipes (1 inch diameter pipe)
16 – 3 ” long PVC pipes (1 inch diameter pipe)
16 – T connectors (1 inch diameter)
16 – elbow connectors (1 inch diameter)
Coroplast corrugated sheets (see below for link)
box cutter
measuring tape
duct tape
3M aluminum foil tape (1 roll)
PVC pipe glue
Gorilla glue (strong hold)
metallic silver spray
Flex Seal Clear Coating
zip ties
LED strip lights (outdoor safe – see below for link)
puck lights (6)
large plastic salad or punch bowl
aluminum pan top

Coroplast Corrugated Plastic Sheets (Home Depot)

3ft Animated LED Dancing Aliens (Home Depot)

Lights (Amazon)
Homiar LED Strip Lights

Feel free to leave comments or questions but be kind. It’s my first how to video!