DIY Projects For Halloween – How To Make Awesome Halloween Decorations

In this video I show how to make Ghost Emoji Earrings, cute Spider Brooch, Mini Witch’s Cauldron, Ghost garland out of cupcake liners, Haunted forest furniture decoration and an easy awesome way to decorate your umbrella.

Here are few useful tips:

The 1st one – DIY Ghost Emoji Earrings.
You can use white nail polish instead of white acrylic paint to paint the ghost’s back.
Use earring hooks from needless earrings.

The 2nd tutorial – DIY Mini Witch’s Cauldron.
If you don’t have a ball-shaped glass jar, check your shower gels or shampoos bottles. They are often shaped like a ball (just cut the top).
Pour about 3-5 mm of olive or vegetable oil.

The 3rd DIY project is a spider web umbrella decoration. I used just a regular silver spray paint. It was not for fabric or something. Just a normal spray paint 🙂 If you don’t have a silver one – not a problem. You can paint the web of any color you have. And you can practice on the umbrella’s case which is needless and no-one use it. Or you do? O_o :)))

The 4th – paper bats and trees – Haunted forest on your shelf. 🙂
It is super easy idea, but I really like it. Don’t worry – glue stick is a perfect glue which is easy to remove form the furniture. By the way, you can decorate windows like that, or mirrors… But NOT walls 🙂

The 5th project – DIY Ghost Garland Out of Cupcake Liners.
Experiment with colors, draw different emotions on their faces… Absolutely easy and adorable way to make a ghost garland 🙂

And the 6th DIY is a cute spider brooch made of pompoms.
If you find my spiders too big – just make pompoms smaller (wrap 2 fingers (120 times) for the “body” and 1 finger (about 100 times) for the “head”).
Instead of googly eyes you can use beads or buttons.

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