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How we make our basic pneumatic DIY Halloween props and animatronic motorized Halloween prop ideas for a haunted house walkthrough and Halloween display this year. Grave Rock Gulch is the name of our old abandoned western mining themed ghost town. The close look in this behind the scenes may even help out with tips on how to hook up and use some pneumatic parts and hose connections for those who are less familiar with air powered props. We had hoped to achieve a moving or animated prop inside each building and behind each window so that as people walk through the town there would be more to see and scare them out. Because these props were thrown together last minute they only got to the mock up stage and never were completely perfected and completed but they worked short term and that’s all we needed. The air cylinders were either mounted to the wall or to some scrap plywood pieces behind or below the props. For the Train Depot facade we used a cheap plastic skeleton from Walgreens sitting on a prop wooden high chair we built. Inside the Barber shop facade we used one of our older foam dummies in a plastic chair and covered him up with a stained up bloody sheet. The solenoid valves we used are Norgren part number – V61R517AA213JB with 1/4″ hose and push connect fittings. We also normally use the mufflers to quiet the air noise down but never installed them on this set up. The air cylinders are from Bimba and were attached with mounting brackets and steel masonry wire. Each valve was triggered by a modified motion sensor connected to an extension cord to send power to the props for a quick 3 to 4 seconds before resetting.

Here’s another helpful pneumatic prop video

Pneumatic Ankle Tickler Air Blaster Prop

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