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Need a Halloween decoration idea try some DIY animated Halloween props outdoor Halloween decor. Or if you need some Halloween tombstone ideas for your Halloween graveyard display here is a colorful Halloween graveyard home haunt front yard display. Our Halloween home haunt decorations and yard display comes with a creepy haunted house walkthrough mausoleum facade that served as a scary walkthrough crypt with a animated moving crypt coffin and skeleton. We designed and fabricated the run down decrepit entrance columns and brick pillars two go with the scary black rusty PVC Halloween skull fence. We rigged up a couple of outdoor exterior porch and used flicker bulbs and green colored gels to give it the look of gas lamps. We had the arch above the entrance to the cemetery say Mishap Manor a place where people perished from sudden accidents. We picked up some planter urns that looked old and cracked an through bolted them to the removable lids located on top of each pillars. We used real cactus and plants from the hardware store to go inside the urns and then made little Venus fly traps or man eating monster plants Audrey from little shop of horrors. We carved and hard coated more tombstones and graves using a Dremel, files, and sandpaper, repainted the boarded up windows with a glow in the dark paint by Wildfire. Got a couple fog machines. Added a couple steel sands to tie real tree limbs together to form real old looking dead trees. We fabricated our first wood toe pitcher coffin prop and ground breaker coffin with corpse made from a foam skull and dipped rags in paint letting it dry and harden as a shell. I made a skeleton body with PVC and used rags and melted plastic to cover the pipes. Added several PVC hot glue candles and fun epitaphs. We built a motorized kicking legs prop with a lawn mower over the top of him with mounted colored puck lights which flashed with a chase unit to simulate spinning blades. We added a wiper motor driven flying crank ghost pulley system above the yard with three glowing ghosts from the black lights mounted to the back sides of the entrance columns. A static hangman prop that we hoped to make pneumatic hung from a single gallows prop we constructed. Other props and decor we completed this year was a glowing coffin, web gun to make lots of spider webs to cover the crypt and tombs and last some LED lighting to light up the decorations and haunted area.

Our haunt when we first started out 2008 & 2009
Halloween Yard Haunt Display: Haunted Cemetery

Halloween Yard Haunt Display Night Walk Through The Haunted Cemetery & Old Abandoned House 2010

Halloween Yard Haunt Display Day Time Walk Through 2011

Halloween Yard Haunt Display: Abandoned Cemetery: Night Time Walk Through 2012

Extreme Halloween Yard Display: Old Ghost Town: Night Time Walk Through 2013

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DIY ANIMATED HALLOWEEN PROPS! Outdoor Halloween Decor – Halloween Tombstone Sayings