Halloween Decoration Ideas – Store Bought Halloween Tombstone Makeover – Halloween DIY

Here’s an easy Halloween DIY a Halloween decoration idea of making store bought Halloween tombstone decorations a little better with a Halloween makeover. Adding some creepiness and realistic looking details to make them extra spooky this Halloween season. Making foam tombstones and props from dollar store and dollar tree that tend to be a bit are smaller bigger and thicker is an easy way to make your graveyard display a little spookier. See several Halloween decoration ideas that customize and make the dollar store Halloween tombstone decorations look even better for your outdoor haunted cemetery yard display, haunted house, or home haunt. We really wanted to make a all in one ultimate Halloween tombstone tutorial for beginners and everyone with or without tools. We try many different methods and make suggestions for other possibilities. All these techniques and ideas are easy and doesn’t have to cost much if you use stuff laying around. Not to mention there are so many ways you can get these results you’re sure to achieve the right look for your haunt. We customize Styrofoam graveyard tombstones by either doubling them up together or adding thicker foam sheets behind. We glue everything together using great stuff expanding foam insulation from the local hardware stores. We even add some larger bases below some of the Halloween gravestones for a realistic variety that you would see in a real haunted and spooky cemetery. We add weight, PVC pipe, and metal rebar to go into the ground so it stays put and doesn’t fly off in the wind to the neighbors yard. Last we give them each a custom paint job to look more like real stone and spray glue dollar store moss to the sides for that last finishing scary touch. We had so much fun on this project that time just flew by we ended up with this super long video. So sit back, relax, get some ideas and maybe a even a couple laughs. We hope you enjoy.

DIY Halloween Props – Making Sturdy Graveyard Tombstone Decorations With Plywood

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Halloween Decoration Ideas – Store Bought Tombstone Makeover – Halloween DIY