Halloween Decoration Ideas – VanOaksProps Cemetery Home Haunt Halloween Display Tour

We’re back with more Halloween decoration ideas. We get a VanOaks Props Cemetery home haunt Halloween display tour. Van Oaks cemetery is a DIY Halloween decorated home haunt located in Sherman Oaks Ca. set up by VanOaksProps to get a detailed behind the scenes tour of their incredible front yard graveyard themed haunted attraction. This inspiring haunted attraction “show and tell” gives us a detailed behind the scenes tour with the creator Derek Young. This video gives us all insight to their secrets and how to information great for anyone that either calls themselves a home haunter or those thinking of making a homemade halloween props and decorations for a home haunt or haunted house. Anyone looking to make their own home haunt are sure to learn some awesome tips and tricks. This year’s Halloween display has a few new elements from previous years like more creepy tombstones and effects. This video mainly focuses on the design and fabrication process for all the scenic art, props and set dressing, as well as special effects. You will learn the their yard display layout design and back story some easy to do diy tricks. We even learned some great haunted house DIY decoration ideas if you are on a budget. The haunt is filled with awesome diy props, homemade halloween decorations, carved foam tombstones, diy gate and columns, monster mud statue, diy lighting and effects, electric moving props, haunted tombstone radio, as well as creepy props perfect for halloween haunted houses. We would like to thank Derek for not only his hospitality and time but for being so open to share his experience and opinions with all of us. He is a great example of someone that has a real passion for this hobby and are willing to help others and inspire. It was a pleasure to visit and see his haunt for this year and we look forward to what spooky creations he and his wife Erin come up with next. Please go subscribe to his channel and be sure and say hi for us.

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HALLOWEEN HOW-TO: Make Your Own Realistic Halloween Tombstones

Past visit to VanOaks Cemetery Home Haunt

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VanOaks Cemetery Home Haunt | Halloween Yard Display Walkthrough Tour