Halloween Graveyard Fence – Fence Columns Decoration Idea

Halloween Graveyard Fence – Fence Columns Decoration Idea See our DIY Halloween cemetery fence and Halloween graveyard decoration ideas. Need a Halloween cemetery fence, archway entrance, pillars, or columns to protect your Halloween decorations and spooky DIY Halloween props. Make this haunted house fence and scary Halloween columns & pillars. In this behind the scenes video we share the construction and fabrication process in designing and creating our Halloween entrance gate columns, archway, pillars, and cemetery iron looking fencing sections for our home yard haunt graveyard. We walk you through step by step and talk about materials and all the steps we took to finish these projects. No Graveyard is complete without tombstones and a fence to go around it. Its also a great way to protect and help keep all those precious gravestones and motorized or pneumatic props safe and secure. They make great places to mount ghouls and skeletons to help scare the trick or treaters. I have attached several different channel references that are great examples to help you decide your design and tips to build our own fence and columns.

These pillars and columns turned out good enough to fool the city into thinking they were real and built without a permit to make them. They are constructed of 3/4″ plywood, strips of 1″ x 3″ pine, 2″ white foam carved and sculpted to look as though its old, cracked, and run down. The have rear doors with vents that lock to house electrical equipment like stereo speakers and wiring for lighting. We mounted 4′ work lights with black light bulbs to give the yard a glow. They were painted with a grey color and aged with watered down black. For the brick look we used fake brick paneling from the hardware store and cut miters on the corners. We used 1/8″ x 2″ steel angle brackets that were mounted to the sides of the pillars to mount the fencing too by using 3/8″ through bolts Making a secure and strong connection. We hope you enjoy and get some ideas and inspirations for yours.

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Be sure to check out the Construction video of these columns.
Making Haunted House Fence, Columns, & Pillars: Props For A Halloween Graveyard & Cemetery Display

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DIY Halloween Cemetery Fence – Halloween Graveyard Decoration Ideas

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