Halloween Tree – DIY Spooky Tree Decor – Fake Tree Display Decoration Idea

We show how to make trees, Halloween trees, or spooky tree props for our Halloween display. If you need fake trees decorations for an extreme Halloween home haunt, photo sets, displays, weddings, or any other reason this may give you some themed tree ideas and inspirations to make some. Do you need to make a giant fake tree for theatre or a play. Here is a close look at how we make, fabricate, and produce our fake but realistic looking Halloween trees from real tree parts each year for October. It’s a very simple design idea that we have used many times for parties weddings and different productions and projects. First we set up our welded steel tree stands inside the cemetery in our front yard of the home haunt. Its a couple 1″ x 1″ thick gauge square steel tubing welded to thick steel plates that we weigh down with more exercise weights to help prevent the trees from falling over in the wind. Christmas tree stands or shelf brackets work as support brackets for the trees by attaching them to 2′ x 2′ sheets of 3/4″ plywood as well. We usually place it near the inside edges of the fence, pillars, and columns so that they are clear of all walkways for the trick or treaters. We scavenge large branches that have fallen from nearby parks and such, bring them home, trim them to fit our needs, and attach to stands using rebar tie wire which you can get in the masonry area at Lowe’s or Home Depot. We try to use branches that look haunted and give us that creepy, spooky, eerie type of feel. We attach several crowes, owls, or vultures, some having red eyes that light up flashing on and off. To prevent the crowes from spinning on the branch and looking like Halloween bats we drill small holes in the branches with an 1/8″ drill bit and run the wires from their little feet through the holes and twist together. We also place bright LED lights at the base of each tree pointing up to illuminate the scary branches and creatures of the night. We use an RGB so we can choose the color that fits the area and space the best. We cover the weights at the bottom with landscaping burlap and cover that with mulch and sticks. I often use the trees to hide the motion sensors that control all our animated, motorized, and pneumatic props in the haunt. We have even hung skeletons off the trees so that it looks like they are climbing up them. We also surround the trees with tombstones and gravestones creating a nice landscape for any Halloween. After Halloween we take them down and cut them up into small pieces to fit in the fire pit and use it for firewood. We hope this video helped inspire and give you some ideas for your home haunt. You can check out more pictures and props of ours at out Facebook page.

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Halloween Tree – DIY Spooky Tree Decor – Fake Tree Decoration Idea