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Here is a night time haunted house walkthrough of one of our Halloween haunts. A Halloween haunted house facade full of Halloween decorations, & animated DIY props in a large Halloween display we designed and fabricated from the ground up. This large Halloween yard display was to be the entrance to a spooky haunted house walkthrough Halloween maze. The homemade haunted attraction never was used by us again due to moving locations but was sold to other haunt to live on and help keep the people screaming for many more Halloweens. This haunted house stands three stories high and is littered with spooky skeletons and corpses who reside in this lovely old haunted mansion. Some of the animated, motorized, or pneumatic props are haunted trash cans, water fountains, doorbell air basters, moving rocking chairs, fog chillers plumbed for low lying fog through two levels of the home. A motorized breathing grave rustles in the dead leaves. Tombstone grave poppers and other plastic skeletons strapped to oscillating fans. crows perched up in homemade trees made from real tree parts. Lightning and sound effects etc. This Halloween build was super fun for us to do but the time frame to do it in was crazy fast. This night time video took us awhile to post as in years but hey we finally got around to posting it. Hope you enjoy and as always thanks for watching and giving us feedback.

Halloween Haunted House Walkthrough – Halloween Facade Up Close Look (Pt. 1)

Haunted House Walkthrough – Back Of The Halloween Facade

Come Play with Me Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Music from https://freetouse.com
Song “Happy Haunts” by Aaron Kenny
Song “TipToes” by Myuu

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Haunted House Home Haunt | Halloween Decoration & Prop Ideas For Yard Display