Haunted House Walkthrough Tour – Halloween Props and Decorations

We show a haunted house walkthrough with Halloween props and decorations we pick up from Count Stankus’ Toy Room of Insanity another fellow Youtuber who had a home haunt called “The Crypt Chamber” The Halloween props and decor was a gift from our friend Count Stankus for our son so he could make his own crypt chambers. They put on a haunted attraction haunted house walkthrough tour in their garage called “The Crypt Chambers” each year and have decided to make some room at home and just set up a smaller Halloween yard display for a while. Lucky for us they wanted to donate the haunt to Hollywood Haunter so we picked up our new Halloween props and Halloween decorations. After visiting and eating some BBQ we came home to do an unboxing of all the awesome new editions to our Halloween collection. This Halloween haul had so many fun items that Harrison wanted to set up a haunted house walkthrough for Father’s Day. We give you the full tour and learn tips and design tricks for decorating from the designer himself. Give us a like, subscribe, and hit the bell also go over and show Count Stankus some love as well it lets us know you care. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time!




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Kevin MacLeod Pooka, Darkest Child, The Plans Working

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Halloween Props & Decorations Unboxing! Haunted House Walkthrough Tour