How to Build a Haunted Laser Vortex Tunnel – DIY, Homemade Halloween Decorations & Props

How to Build a Haunted Laser Vortex Tunnel – DIY, Homemade Halloween Decorations & Props

This video shows you how to build a terrifying laser vortex tunnel for your Halloween yard or trail haunt. This is an awesome addition to any haunt. Our patrons who were not too scared to go through it were raving about it after the event. Overall this project costs around $200 – $300 for all the parts, but it is well worth it if you have the space and budget available.

The finished dimensions of the tunnel measure 13 feet wide by 6-1/2 feet tall. The length of our tunnel was 60 feet, but it can be shortened to save money on parts and supplies, or lengthened if you have the budget and plenty of helpers.

Please be sure to keep safety in mind when building a project like this. Also, be sure to check if your local laws will permit the use of plastic sheeting in your haunt. Many fire codes prohibit plastic from being used in structures or props.

Here is a list of materials we used for construction:

– ¾” x 10 foot thick walled PVC pipes (37)
– ¾” PVC Tee couplers (6)
– ¾” PVC 4-way couplers (11)
– ¾” PVC elbow couplers (4)
– ¾” x 4” Snap Clamps (box of 100)
– ¾” x 3” Grip Clamps (2 boxes of 25)
– Landscaping stakes (32)
– 4.5 mil black poly sheeting (20’ x 100’ roll)
– High tensile strength string or twine (1 roll)
– ½” re-bar cut in 2’-3’ lengths (24)
– ¾” screws (1 box)
– Plastic zip ties (1 large package)
– Miscellaneous scrap wood, fasteners, hinges & paint for fascade

This is a brief overview of the steps shown in the video:

1. Measure and draw out your plan (to scale if possible) and use it to generate a shopping list.
2. Go shopping (wait for PVC and plastic sheeting to go on sale).
3. Assemble the middle “spine” connecting the 4-way arch supports every 5 feet.
4. Add the pipes for the arch supports.
5. Drill pilot holes and fasten the pipes to the couplers.
6. Drive re-bar into the ground 3.5 feet from the end of each pipe. Make sure at least one foot is sticking out of the ground.
7. Get a friend to help you bend the arches one at a time and insert the ends into the re-bar.
8. Add guy wires everywhere. The sooner the better.
9. Get a friend, or two or three to help you cover the tunnel with plastic sheeting (NOT WHILE WINDY).
10. Fasten the plastic with snap clamps. Use grip clamps over the snap clamps on the sides where the plastic is at the bottom of the arches. To save money, you can use zip ties around the other snap clamps to keep them in place.
11. Trim the excess plastic and create a “freezer strip style doorway”.
12. Get creative and build a wood fascade or create an identical entryway with PVC and plastic.
13. Add a laser vortex, fog machine, strobe lights (on the fascade) and a booming sound system.
14. Enjoy the satisfaction of the poor souls being terrified as they creep through your DIY haunted tunnel.

Please feel free to leave a comment. What did you think of this build? I would love to hear about your similar builds or suggestions for improving this design.

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