How to make a DIY Fog Chiller | DIY Halloween Props

Jaimie & Jay make the ultimate DIY fog chiller for Halloween! Simple to make, cheap and has a HUGE impact on your Halloween setup! 💀👻🎃


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Learn how to make a DIY fog chiller! This was a really fun and easy DIY halloween project that is perfect for upping your Halloween game this year! We made a simple fog chiller that takes in fog from a regular fog machine, uses ice to make it nice and cold, and then creates a rolling fog effect as it comes out of the chiller.

This project uses normal materials that you probably already have around the house and only takes about an hour to make. No complicated tools are necessary and it’s a great project to do with the kids!

We go all out for Halloween every year and do a huge haunt at our house. This diy fog chiller is a critical component of making our setup amazing.

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– Plastic Storage Bin –
– Chicken Wire –
– Black Spray Paint –
– Silicone –
– Screws and Washers (Any Size)
– PVC Pipe (We used 2″ Diameter but it can be any size) –
– Drain Plug (Optional) –

– Drill –
– Screwdriver –
– Scissors –
– Saw (Hacksaw, Jig Saw, Bandsaw, something to cut the PVC) –
– Tape Measure –
– Hot Glue Gun –