MarielCraft | Ep.06: “Halloween decorations, dog park and outdoor pool!” | Marielitai Gaming

Hello Gremlins! Welcome to another episode of “MarielCraft”, my Minecraft singleplayer survival series. On today’s episode I build a dog park, move the outdoor pool and decorate the house with Halloween decorations from DecoCraft! Stay tuned for more episodes!

►Mods: Animal Bikes, Antique Atlas, BiblioCraft, Biomes O’Plenty, Carpenter’s Blocks, ChocoCraft, Colourful Portals, Decocraft, Doggy Style, Dr Zhark’s Mo’Creatures, Extended FamPack, Fairy Lights, Familiars API, Fossils and Archeology, GLSL Shaders Mod, Inventory Pets, Inventory Tweaks, Invincible Hamster, Minecraft Comes Alive, Mr Crayfish Furniture Mod, Not Enough Items, OptiFine, Pam’s Harvest Craft, Project Zulu, The Twilight Forest, Useful Pets, Utility Mobs, Traveller’s Gear, Vein Miner, Waila.
►Shaders: BSL Low v36
►Texture Pack:

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MarielCraft | Ep.06: “Halloween decorations, dog park and outdoor pool!” | Marielitai Gaming

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