Outdoor Halloween Decorations ~ Featuring Miriam Joy

Create a great big and bright outdoor Halloween decorations starting with 8″ terra cotta pots. Learn how to cut and add pool noodles, yes pool noodles to give it height and color. Add decorations for the Dollar Store or decoration you have.Making you the Halloween destination with Trick or Treaters.

Make sure you have seen all of Miriam Joy’s outdoor decorations using terra cotta pots. One for each holiday or season.

Check out her new Facebook page and see what she is creating almost daily at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miriam-Joys-Waxy-Crafty-Corner/922916061057382

Should you have any questions about this video or other video’s by Miriam Joy please email her at: art@miriamjoy.com or visit her website at www.miriamjoy.com for supplies used in this video.
Thank you and God bless!