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Make a pneumatic DIY Halloween prop called the coffin popper that will be sure to scare. We hack a plastic skeleton halloween prop to lunge out or pop up at trick or treaters. How we make a pneumatic lunging skeleton & jumping corpse Halloween scare prop. This video shows how we set up and make a pneumatic coffin popping prop for Halloween to scare trick or treaters. Here are our three pneumatic stooges, Moe, Larry and Curly. Well at least two of them move for now. They are some quick coffin pop out props we made for our walk through maze for Halloween. They are cheap poseable Halloween skeletons you can get at Walgreens or the big box stores that have been modified by reinforcing the joints and limbs with tie wire and sliding 1/2″ PVC into their spines for extra support and securing them to 3/4″ plywood open face toe pincher coffins painted to look old and weathered. The coffins are aged with brown and watered down black paint. They are lined with stained off white fabric or fake or imitation strips of furs cut to resemble real animal hides. The skeleton prop in the middle Larry with the long hair has been corpsed out using clay over the skull and melted and torn shrink or stretch wrap wrapped around its body. I used a heat gun and then painted the plastic with a brown and grey paint followed by a glow or black light paint made by Wildfire. Pneumatic cylinders where mounted on the backs of each coffin and spine of the skeletons. These were powered by solenoid air valves triggered by modified motion sensors hidden inside burlap covered wall frames that made up the crypt catacomb maze. There is also some computer speakers with smart phones set on repeat along with lighting that goes off the same time as the air. All together with sounds of scary laughing, screaming, red lighting and motion got some great scares in our maze. You can see some construction pictures in our 2012 maze videos.

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Pneumatic DIY Halloween Props | Animated Popping Coffin Scare Props | DIY Halloween Decorations