Scariest Halloween Decorations – Halloween 2012

Scariest Halloween Decorations – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

A popular trend this year for Halloween decorations are these pictures which come in several different sizes, different layouts of different characters which, as you could see here, transform into a different type of when turned or when you are walking by them. This is just an example of one of the things they might have at like Disney’s Halloween Haunt over there with the mansion, which is one of the pictures that transforms and changes as you walk or pass it by. Very popular to go in homes for parties, for bars, for restaurants. This is definitely something that a lot of people would like to talk about. Here is one of the portraits that is a child. As you could see here, it changes walking by or passing by it from a very simple, basic child, innocent, to a very gory, scary, bloody child as you pass by, which is definitely a gruesome picture.

I have one of the Morphkin Pumpkins here. That is an animated pumpkin which is activated by sound or motion. Very popular this year, lights up, moves, perfect to put on a table, put on a porch, put at your place of business, at a party, bar, restaurant. This will definitely be a hit for this Halloween season. As you could see here, it is motion, sound activated. Inflatable outdoor decorations are definitely a trend for this Halloween season. This one here is a Dracula, which pops out of the coffin by itself. It is just on a cycle, opens and closes on its own. It creates a very eerie effect for any haunted house, any party, restaurant, very good window display. Very sure to be a very good hit.

Also here we have three witches, which is a very safe bet for Halloween when it comes to decorating indoors, outdoors. These witches are animated here, air blown, which pushes air in to inflate them. As you could see here, the cauldron lights up underneath from the bottom, looking like flames, as well as the heads turning and twisting on the witches looking back and forth. Very good Halloween decorations for this Halloween season. Another popular item for this Halloween season, sure to be a hit, is this grave reaper riser which is motion sound activated, which comes up and out of the ground. You could have it hide behind a tombstone or a bush, have him pop out when someone comes by or walks by him or makes sounds.