Scary Halloween Decorations!

Halloween is only two weeks away and everywhere you look ghosts and goblins are getting ready for the big night. Homeowners across the country are joining in on the fun too with over the top decorations.

When it comes to Halloween, a lot of folks get creepily creative. With all the hair raising, spine chilling displays comes the question: Has Halloween gotten a little too ghoulish?

Zombies walk a yard in Minneapolis. It’s so scary tour buses stop by to witness the ghostly sights. In Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighborhood, some people want decorations outside a house of horrors taken down. The severed head, limbs and skeletons are of course fake, but can still provide a real scare.

“There may be some kids who go trick or treating on our block who are frightened by the set up,” said Minneapolis homeowner Monica Paquette.

“Overwhelmingly people seem to enjoy it. and they keep coming by and giving thumbs up and high five’s and tooting their horn,” said Pittsburgh homeowner Joe D’Auria, who’s been decorating his home for more than 20 years.

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