Spell Book DIY – Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations anyone can make! These spooky books look amazing and simple enough for people of all ages. Everything you need can be bought at a dollar store (dollar tree) and walmart. You choose the title, I will show you the steps.

A book you can ruin or make way better:)
Puffy sticker letters
Tissue paper
Mod Podge
Plastic bugs, skeletons, etc
Black acrylic paint
Metallic paint (silver, gold, bronze etc)
Paint brush (foam brushes work well)

You will find all the steps in the intro to the video.
Extensions – you could make a cool cover to a sketchbook or diary this way as well.
Adaptions – younger children needed help with the tissue paper and adding the metalic paint. You could have them paint the letters individually if it is too hard to brush over the top of all of them at once, or help them with this part.

Happy Halloween!

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A special thank you to Megan for showing me how to make these books! I wish mine turned out half as well as yours looked!!!!

This video was created by McCall J for Mr Otter Studio

Apprehension at best by Biz Baz Studio