Spookily cute: 14 best DIY Halloween decorations for home | Simple DIY crafts

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Looking for stellar DIY Halloween decorations 🎃? We have what you need! In this video by Fabiosa, you’ll find the best 14 Halloween decorations 🕷 that you can easily make with your own hands. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and the perfect opportunity to show off your creative skills 😉. So if you want to know how to make easy Halloween decorations using things like jars, candles 🕯 and glasses, then you must watch this video!
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00:00 – Drinking glasses decor in Halloween style
00:39 – DIY bat 🦇 table decoration
01:12 – Halloween decoration with jars
01:30 – DIY spider 🕷 snacks plate
02:36 – Halloween-inspired decor idea for sodas
03:22 – Super quick bloody candle 🕯 decor idea
04:38 – Spooky ghost decoration with plastic foam ball
05:31 – Pretty lantern decoration with leaves 🍁
07:14 – Cat fairy lights decoration
08:02 – Gorgeous decor idea for table
08:15 – Cute Halloween-themed wall decoration 🎃
09:10 – Wall decor idea using an embroidery hoop
09:46 – Halloween-themed garland with spider web 🕸
10:25 – Stunning Halloween-themed garland with pumpkins


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Spookily cute: 14 best DIY Halloween decorations for home | Simple DIY crafts

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