TRiCK or TREAT inside our HOUSE!! Halloween Routine safe DIY neighborhood with Mom & Dad costumes!

Spooky trick or treat challenges with Niko Lizard 🦎


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are doing something really fun!! We are going to go trick or treating inside our house! We want to be safe with everything happening so we staying close and having fun with our family! Niko, Mom, and I went from door to door knocking on doors asking for tricks or treats! Luckily we got a lot of treats and only a couple of tricks!! We also met a lot of cool new people! Some of them were dracula, a hot dog, Elsa from Frozen, a T-rex, a skeleton, an astronaut, a witch, a crab, and a lion!! With everyone we met we had to do a challenge to get our candy! There was lava, obstacle course, charts, and hide n seek games! It was so fun playing with my family and it was so cool that we could do that inside our own house!

my last video – Magic ADLEY CARTOON ✨ Secret Room & Alligators inside our House! DONT GET CAUGHT the floor is Lava!

my dad’s last video – PUMPKiN CASTLE Slide & Hot Lava obstacle course!! Family Halloween tradition & floor is lava game!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*