🎃 CHILD YOU VS TEENAGE YOU HALLOWEEN!! Kids Vs Teens Halloween 2016!

CHILD YOU VS TEENAGE YOU HALLOWEEN! Kids Vs Teens on halloween! Today’s halloween 2016 video is a skit about teen you vs child you on halloween. I love these child you vs teen you and child you vs high school you videos, so I thought I’d make my own teen you vs child you halloween edition or teen vs child halloween!

My Halloween Costumes Series! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDf7atNag0SWfhdDa2kxjotaY4LMyMSUK

The first person I ever saw make one of these was the Teen you Vs. Child You mylifeaseva, so credit to Eva for starting the child you vs. teenage you videos!
Child You vs teen you mylifeaseva: https://www.youtube.com/user/mylifeaseva

Shoutout to my brothers & my brothers girlfriend megan for being in the video with me! You can follow my little brother on instagram here:

Today I’m taking a break from my DIY Halloween Costumes for Teenagers and DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for teens to make a fun video about teen you vs child you halloween edition! I’ve never done one of these teenager vs child videos or then vs. now, so I was a little nervous but I hope my kids vs teens halloween skit was fun and relatable to you, I had so much fun making the halloween skit about teen you vs child you halloween! This video has the differences from kids vs teens and high school you vs child you for halloween activities like choosing your Halloween Costume 2016, trick or treating vs what teens do on halloween, carving pumpkins, and trying to impress your friends with your halloween candy vs hunting for ghosts!
This year I made so many halloween videos 2016, and this is my last one since halloween is right around the corner! I made 20 DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes for teens, DIY halloween costumes for couples, DIY Halloween costumes for best friends, DIY Disney Halloween Costumes, DIY Halloween Costumes high school, DIY Halloween Costume Teen, DIY Halloween costumes for kids, and so many more! I really hope you guys enjoyed them, can’t wait for halloween 2017 to do some more fun halloween videos!


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