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I’m so in love with our Halloween hairstyles so far this year! But there was something truly magical in the air when we filmed this unicorn hairstyle! I’ve always wanted to try unicorn hair after being a little girl and being obsessed with My Little Pony 🙂 I’ve been so happy that My Little Pony and unicorns are coming back as current trends!

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Every year I love Halloween time, and Halloween 2016 is no exception! There’s something about the fall weather, the pumpkins and mums, football, and of course the Halloween costumes and Halloween makeup. But I’m an especially big fan of creating amazing hairstyles for Halloween to go with our great costumes for Halloween! Which is why we created this CGH Spooktorials series!

I know that around this time of year everyone begins looking for hairstyle ideas for Halloween, DIY costumes ideas, last minute costumes, and Halloween makeup ideas. So I thought I’d make it easy by continuing our Spooktorials and filming some great DIY Halloween videos, DIY costumes, and some great DIY hairstyles.

Obviously we focus on the hairstyle tutorials on this channel, but you will be able to find lots of great DIYs, costume ideas, and other great Halloween-oriented videos between our channel, the BrooklynAndBailey channel, and the KamriNoel channel.

But it wasn’t till this year that I found the perfect unicorn hairstyle tutorial to teach for all of you! Out of all my Spooktorials, this one might be my very favorite!

I begin this Halloween hairstyle (which can easily be done as a DIY hairstyle) by parting her hair down the middle. I then pulled each side into high ponytails, then divided the ponytail into two sections (one section with about 1/3 of the hair and one section with about 2/3 of the hair). I straightened the 1/3 section of hair and left it down to fall next to her face and add some softness to her unicorn costume. With the remaining 2/3 of hair I created a regular braid, pancaked the braid, and twisted it into a bun. I used bobby pins to secure the braid into a bun. Then repeated these steps on the other side of the head.

For added effect with her unicorn look and awesome Halloween costume, I sprayed her hair with silver-colored hair spray and added some glitter to her part line. Last, but not least, I added a beautiful silver unicorn horn circlet that I found online looking for halloween costume ideas.

Hope you enjoy this hairstyle for halloween as much as I do! Please be sure to give this video a BIG “👍🏻” if you loved it, and leave a comment below telling us which of all our Spooktorials is your favorite!

💋’s -Mindy

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, bobby pins, small hair elastics, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy


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