27 DIY Halloween Costumes! 2017

27 easy DIY Halloween costumes- here ya go! We have disney costumes, punny ones, cute ones, costumes with animals, and more!

The costumes include a biker chick, rosie the riveter, an artist, pumpkin pi (a punny costume), a detective, the dancing twin emojis, the red dress dancer emoji, Boo from monster’s inc, an 80’s workout girl, a boxer, mike wazowski from Monsters University, a tourist, robber, Agnes from Despicable Me, a party animal, greek goddess, copy cat (another one with a pun), snowman, tooth fairy, Mary Poppins, world traveler, ladybug, 50’s military member, Princess Leia from Star Wars, a Hula Dancer, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, and a scarecrow. These are great for kids, teenagers, college students, or adults! Some of these can also be done as duo costumes, like if you want costumes for couples, a group, a squad, or best friends. A lot of these can also be worn to school on halloween or to a halloween party.