30 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids & Teenagers with Tutorials

Halloween is approaching and we looked at what’s on offer on Youtube with regard to makeup ideas and tutorials for children and teenagers. For your convenience, we have selected few and made here a compilation of amazing halloween makeup tutorials for kids and teenagers, by various artists (links included below). Creative work happening on youtube at its best, from very simple and easy, to the very detailed and elaborate ones. Enjoy!…

Tutorial links:
01 Venom: Black Spiderman by Olga’s Face & Body Art https://youtu.be/gD52txGb6Jo
02 Bambi by Miriam Marroquin https://youtu.be/wLYnFQO3HDk
03 Cheshire Cat by realtechniques https://youtu.be/d6QYsPwTn10
04 “Inside Out” by dope2111 https://youtu.be/C1DXqkOCBt0
05 Face Cut/Injury by Jessica Rose https://youtu.be/XCbSDOpWgf0
06 Emily Corpse Bride by Makeup World https://youtu.be/zhb_9_sLrQw
07 Grumpy Witch by Milly https://youtu.be/fOkNMhw7HNU
08 Lion Face by SophiesTips https://youtu.be/TUEp12ahPC8
09 Cute ScareCrow by beautybyjosiek https://youtu.be/6VtnPsSWT3E
10 Bratz Doll: Cloe by atleeeey https://youtu.be/TmD-AXRNgUU
11 Dracula Vampire by BeforeAndAfterTV https://youtu.be/EXTHLOhJeMI
12 Easy Cat by Fluffy Unicorn Forever https://youtu.be/ry6uluqSyXA
13 Mad Hatter by We Are The Davises https://youtu.be/CzS6o7-aQiM
14 Gene Simmons by Free Salon Education https://youtu.be/RVao22u3bnA
15 “Finding Dory” by Charisma Star https://youtu.be/TX90oI4Rdb0
16 Monster High: Catty Noir Doll by KittiesMama https://youtu.be/vfS8O9G1FHw
17 Easy Zombie by all4tubekids https://youtu.be/-F1XbWA9lTQ
18 Easy Creepy Cute Doll by KARMAN https://youtu.be/Ut2FsvwdDeE
19 Little Red Riding Hood by Heart My https://youtu.be/-2Rz0mMnjt4
20 Yellow & Purple Minion by dope2111 https://youtu.be/sE42M_mR6HM
21 Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn & The Joker by LaurenMae16 https://youtu.be/95dBMC7jG2U
22 Easy Sweet Kitty Cat by SophiesTips https://youtu.be/RyMiBs6CRBQ
23 Trippy Double Vision by Roxxsaurus https://youtu.be/Y2HU2t9HObc
24 Hulk by Vegaoo.nl https://youtu.be/KI6hOUwv7R0
25 Minnie Mouse by Charisma Star https://youtu.be/BTIeMzjyuq4
26 Witch by Panduro https://youtu.be/DRi17IcRr4w
27 The Grinch by Ashlea Henson https://youtu.be/N4JSpMmo15M
28 Skull by Panduro https://youtu.be/DpS4ZmSqXNk
29 The Amazing Spiderman by Courtney Little Makeup https://youtu.be/0Za5bDlI9CA
30 Cute Suicide Squad by Jessica Rose https://youtu.be/n2DwLlNslpE

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