35 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes! HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS FOR TEENAGERS 2016! || Ariel Alena

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HI BABES!!! today i’m uploading a super exciting video…my first halloween video of 2016!! i absolutely love halloween costumes because they’re so cute and creative! today i’m going to be showing you 35 super easy and inexpensive DIY last-minute halloween costumes that YOU can do by yourself! i forgot to film an intro but i hope you enjoy the video anyway! i have some more exciting halloween videos coming your way so subscribe to see more! also this is basically how girls get ready for halloween 😉 by making last minute halloween costumes!

And yes, this video was inspired by Niki & Gabi’s 45 Last Minute Halloween Costumes and Cloe Couture’s 30 last minute halloween costumes! i loved theirs and i wanted to make my own! 🙂

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