4 DIY Last-Minute Halloween Costumes | Brooklyn & Bailey

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This will be the last video in our #BBSpooktorials video series 👻 , as we’ll begin to get ready for the Fall 🍂🍃 🍁 & Thanksgiving 🍗 coming up!

So we wanted to give y’all a few more Last-Minute Halloween Costume ideas, using things you likely have in your closet, or lying around the house! The goal is to look put together and cute, without spending tons of time or money on it!

Here you go!

Scarecrow Costume:
Brown Ankle Boots {our closet}
Denim Overalls or Jeans {our closet}
Long-Sleeve Plaid Shirt {found ours at Target}
Crafting Rafia {moms craft bin, or from Hobby Lobby}
A Straw Hat {mom’s closet, but also at Target}
Costume Makeup {we just used our own lipstick, eye liner, & eye shadow}

Rosie the Riveter Costume:
Black/Brown Boots
Denim Jeans {our closet}
Brown Belt {our closet}
Denim Long-Sleeved Shirt {our closet}
Pin Curl Hairstyle {http://youtu.be/QbEwxFLTQMQ}
Red Bandana {our closet, or from Hobby Lobby}
Red lipstick {our makeup bag}

Bank Robber Costume:
Black Ankle Boots {our closet}
Black Leggins or Pants {our closet}
Black/White Striped Shirt {our closet, but also Forever 21}
Black Mask {Walmart, Target, Etsy, or Halloween Stores}
Black beanie {our closet, or Walmart/Target}
Black gloves {our closet, or Walmart/Target}
Canvas bag {bought at Hobby Lobby}
DIY Fabric Stencil Tutorial {http://youtu.be/QWHARK77oY4}
Red lipstick {from our makeup bag}

Where’s Waldo? Costume
Black flats {our closet}
Blue Jeans or Jeggins {our closet}
Red/White Striped Shirt {Forever 21 or Paypaya}
Black glasses {our closet, but also at Claire’s}
Red hat {our closet, but also at Target/Walmart}
Flash Camera {$20 at an antique store}

We had so much fun filming this video for y’all, and really hope you enjoy it! If you loved it, please share!

💋’s -Brooklyn & Bailey


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